O' those crazy Dems ... Playing possum or are they roadlkill?

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Tiny Town, USA – Another "Woe is We" telegram from the Defeatist Dems. I know their strategy: I watched it at work in the last election (remember 2012?). It damn nearly killed them for good (in terms of confidence in their fighting power), but they had numbers they weren't showing and wouldn't show; numbers that indicated it would basically be an Obama landslide. This despite his poor performance in the debates, a bit of surreal showmanship that got every conspiracy theorist in the country wondering if someone had put the haunt on 'Bam, really shook him to his fine bone structure, maybe even took over his body.

At first, I mistook his amateur skills in the tete-a-tete with Romney as a new kind of political "rope-a-dope" -- a term I used in political coverage onwww.tinytowntimes.com (which earned me so many visitors I got click-jacked and malwared out of business for a while) ... Then someone stole my Ali-comp and made money off it.

We at ttt lost money and that election; or rather, paid for a president -- We got caught up in the exciting Casino Royale meets Godzilla vs. King Kong thrill of it all. Chad urged me not to play both ends against the middle, but we ... WON! I think. Our favorite didn't become president, but then, nobody hates him, either. 

Anyway, our prediction for the mid-term elections is 1) The Republicans squash the whinycrats like bugs or 2) The Democrats are playing-possum again because they refuse to show any good numbers or any of Obama's many achievements-- it would handicap them (which, in this kind of gambling, and let's call it what it is, we are not "wrestling for the soul of a nation" hell, that ghost blew town after the Wounded Knee massacre -- handicapping might not be a bad idea for the Dems). Remember, Dr. O'Bama waited until the very last debate before he really showed some stuff. It was a little late, but he won on points. And the Dems went on to win The White House b/c voters were just plain scared and hooked on Hope-a-Dope. 

Every president gets something good done during their terms. Every one of them. But the Dems seem to be purposefully hiding Obama's accomplishments. And I'm not here to help them do that: It's THEIR JOB!!! DNC insiders and lobbyists are well paid. 

The bad often outweighs the good in any presidency and some leaders get killed before we can really see the record clearly. Kennedy got us in 'Nam; Johnson inherited JFK's watch and it upset him so much, he quit. 

Watch these allegedly tight races. The Democratic strategy is to act like a bunch of losers so as to draw out all the terrified folks who think that the Tea Party is going to round them up and force-march them to Indian Reservations, places that make Gitmo look like the Vegas Hilton. As Russell Means once pointed out, we're all on The Rez, so, welcome everybody! The1 percenters are as scared of falling as the folks at the bottom who have been taught not to climb. The main difference: One can get immediate medical attention for catching eBola w/out it getting into the media, and the other, cannot.

– C. Penbroke (formerly PEMbroke) Handy, no affiliation with the Libertarians,

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Eminent Tiny Town Artist George Rhoads: Everything Must Go! Art Sale to Save an Icon

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Eminent Tiny Town Artist George Rhoads: Everything Must Go! Sale to Save George

Tiny Town's wonderful master, George Rhoads, is selling more than 200 paintings to be exhibited in his home at 116 Valley View Road, off of Elm Street on West Hill.
WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 1, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
INFO: 14 walls of paintings of all kinds: tinytowntimes.com is posting three of his environmentals here, sent to us by Emily R. Johnson, author, artist and George's Big Little Sister here in Tiny Town. 
REFRESHMENTS: Beverages will be available and feel free to byob 
CONTACT: Emily R. Johnson at 272-4811 

Background: George, a friend for years, is possibly best known for his popular Audio-Kinteic Sculptures, also called rolling ball scultures. 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_ball_sculpture. But he was an accomplished artist long before he took up metal sculpting which led to his wonderful contraptions, on display around the world. 

Emily Johnson's book "Wizard at Work" describes her brother's ascent as an artist and what it is like to watch such a brother evolve. Her excellent book is available at Amazon.com

Please do come to this rare event ...


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Tiny Town Teasers No. 52, Vol. 6 ... life goes on, Brah!

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1. Certain H.S. teams
4. Last thing seen by a proof reader?
5. JFK's U.N. ambassador
1. White House monogram
2. Civic center?
3. New Left org.
Degree of Difficulty: Think on your pudding caps.

Entering The Changes, Oct. 20, 2014

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