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A view inside the tinytowntimes.com office complex

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TINY TOWN, USA – Readers are already curious about where we are located and what kind of office space we use and is it forced air heating or radiant and does the roof giggle and do you have a co-ed employee toilet, etc.

At left, observe our reception area, with Chad Coles, director of public relations and advertising there in the striped shirt.

Chad is worried about his weight so we recommended he go wth the vertical stripes for this picture, which he did not want to be in.

We said: "Chad, we understand your reticence and recognize your need for privacy but we would also appreciate our director of PR and Ads to put on the ol' public face now and then. After all, we can't hide behind our laptops all the time."

Chad, blushing like a bride with a herpes sore, acquiesced.

Between the bar and the unhinged door you will see a prototype issue of tinytowntimes that we rejected as too traditional although we liked the fact that it was almost unreadable. 

Yes, that is a Franklin Stove on the left. The landlord said we shouldn't use it as there isn't any flue or chimney.

As the summer nights have been chilly, we have, admittedly, burned copies of local newspapers and some books like Catcher in the Rye and A Separate Peace, decadent materials both of them. We also tried to burn the complete works of Mary McCarthy for no damn good reason at all but that we found them in the basement.

The smoke damned near killed us, the books were damp, and we're still airing the place out, hence the door. The windows are nailed shut for security purposes. 

The room on the other side of the door looks like this: 

TTT office 2


As you can see, it is almost a scale model of the other room, and Chad is in there, too.

And so are We (in the creative white space to the right). That is, us, the editorial staff at tinytowntimes.com.

Now, if that isn't META enough for your post-post-modern positivist realist ass, get a move on. We've got work to do.

–– C. Penbroke Handy, asso. adminstrator

–– Chad Coles, PR, AdQ and S&M 

 ps: the roof does not giggle, but in a high wind, whispers "Mary." 


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