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The Weather! With Bobolini the Weatha Guy and Ike the Weather Dog

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Ever since Davey Weathercock ran off and married Olive the Weather Hen, atmospheric conditions here at  tinytowntimes.com have been hemmed in on all fronts by an eerie lackawanna.

Not any more. For now we have Bob the Weather Guy with Ike the Weather Dog. In our first LIVE installment, Bob provides a tour of our brand new weather facilities, generously donated for our personal use by EduCorp, provider of over-educated underemployed protestors. 

We hope Bob and Ike will acclimate. Below meet them in their natural environs: the great outdoors. They know weather. 

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THE WEATHERED LIFE: Bob tries to catch a few winks between forecasts at his Occupy Wall Street Weather Hutch. He is rudely awakened by Ike, the Weather Dog, who reports that a squall is on the way. The squall turned out to be a covey of partridge and not a genuine weather "event." 

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