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Farewell, Bill: RIP

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Tiny Town, USA – Didn't know him much at all. I left him be.

He was always there.

A part of the cityscape, uptown and downtown.

How many decades?

I do not know.

His name was Bill.

Rumor has he died of a heart attack. 

I do not know.

He was with us for a long time. 

I will miss this man.

I came to depend, unknowingly, on his being there.

Like a tree that's always on a certain street.


A fixture.

Now gone.

Rest in peace, Bill.

Thank you for being part of our world.

Thank you.

For being and staying with us.

It must have been difficult; at other times, ecstatic.

Thank you. 

– Franklin Crawford


Dear Readers: I play the role of stranger in this homage to Bill and that is misleading. I spoke with Bill many times and always respected his request for space and quiet. I've lived here 35 years and have come to know when to tip my hat and when to shut the fuck up. Always said hello to Bill if it seemed right. I don't intrude on the lives of those who wish to be among us yet not harassed by daily howdy-dos.Thank you all for your comments. It reminds me how quietly in concert many of us are on the daily rounds of tiny town.

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