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Aesop Cop at the Orange Cove Fair ...

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THE CRIME: Several Orange Cove community and youth groups came close to missing the Big Fresno Fair in 2013 as confusion swirled around a program that normally gives 300 tickets to the mayor of Orange Cove. 
Joe de los Santos, a former member of the Fresno Fair Board of Directors, said he gave all 300 tickets to Mayor Pro-Tem Victor Lopez with instructions to pass them on to Mayor Gabriel Jimenez weeks ago on behalf of the Latino Mayors Coalition. 
The organization gives the tickets to rural communities in an effort to make the fair more accessible to kids who would otherwise be unable to attend. In the past, groups like the Orange Cove chapter of the Boys & Girls Club and church youth groups have received the tickets. However, this year those groups did not immediately receive any tickets, and when the issue was brought up at the Oct. 9 city council meeting by former council member Glenda Hill, it was discovered Lopez never gave the tickets to Jimenez. 
“Victor understood that they were for him, so he gave them to people in general,” Jimenez said. Lopez said he got no instructions to pass the tickets on to the mayor and said he only received 150 tickets, half the amount cited by de los Santos. 
“I was told ‘here are your tickets,'” he said. “I have documented who I gave those tickets to and I would be more than happy to give whoever wants a copy of those names.”
De los Santos said that he has all the serial numbers for the 300 tickets he gave Lopez and would be checking with the fair to see who redeemed them. 
A spokesperson for the Big Fresno Fair said that once the board gives tickets to community groups like the Latino Mayors Coalition, the fair is no longer responsible for the distrubution of the tickets. 
If any of the tickets are found to have been improperly used, then the city could be cut from the program next year, de los Santos said.
“We do not play around. [This program] is something that the Latino mayors take very seriously,” he said. 
De los Santos said that the distribution of tickets has run smoothly in the past and that he was surprised by the complications in Orange Cove this year. 
“I’m embarrassed by all of this,” he said. 
After learning that all the tickets originially earmarked for Orange Cove had been distributed, de los Santos said he contacted the fair and received an additional 300 tickets on Saturday, Oct. 12. 
He said that Jimenez was with him and the together they distributed them to the traditional youth groups and clubs. 
The fair ran from Oct. 2 to Oct. 14. “I’m sorry that things had to happen this way, but hopefully it had a happy ending,” de los Santos said.


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