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Tiny Town Teasers: The Book! To Be Released In Time for the Hollidays! YAY!

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Cover Illustration and designer: Elizabeth Frank


Tiny Town, USA – In a world of woe, tinytowntimes.com cleaves the gloom of our waking dreams with its first-ever collection of 60 of Adam Perl's Tiny Town Teasers.

Also known as "The World's Smallest Crossword Puzzles" this 5 x 7 treat ($9.95) is sure to please the most ardent puzzle-solver as well as newbies to the tiny genre. Perl's status as a crossword crafting wizard is well known among elite grid-crackers at every level of word-smithery. Non-believers, pay attention to the following:

Perl began crafting puzzles in the mid-1980s. In 1998, he got his first crossword published in The New York Times.  He's since had 24 puzzles published in the Times, widely considered to be the "gold standard" of crossword puzzles.  In a 2011 NY Times puzzle compilation entitled "Will Shortz Picks His Favorite Puzzles," Shortz said of one of Perl’s crosswords, "Here is a great Monday puzzle - simple, easy, and gorgeously planned and constructed." Perl has created over 1000 puzzles and was recently commissioned by Cornell University to construct a crossword for their upcoming sesquicentennial.
Not Convinced? Read on!
In Tiny Town (a.k.a. Ithaca, N.Y.), he also creates crossword puzzles for local publications, fundraisers and special occasions.  In spring of 2014, he constructed three puzzles at various increasing levels of difficulty for a fundraiser for the Tompkins County Learning Partnership. His toughest was a challenge even for the great Rex Parker, who dubs himself the “63rd Greatest Crossword Solver in the Universe."  Parker, who writes the popular crossword blog "Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle" at http://rexwordpuzzle.blogspot.com/,  said  “Adam’s puzzles could hold their own in any major tournament in the country.” (EZRA Magazine, Cornell Quarterly Magazine, Summer 2014.)   Five year's ago, Perl came up with the idea of what he dubbed "The World's Smallest Crossword Puzzles" which came to be known as the Tiny Town Teasers. Since then, over 600 teasers have appeared online in the tinytowntimes.com. This book is a compilation of some of his favorites.
Tinytowntimes.com is proud to present its second publication since its founding in 2009 -- thanks to Rigel Stuhmiller, a.k.a. Belinda Cho, and ... Well, okay: Franklin Crawford, erratic administrator. And Chad Coles, AdQ and so many more.
The World's Smallest Crossword Puzzles will be available beginning Dec. 10 in Ithaca area shops and an Amazon.com
Stay tuned for more alerts – Yes, Virginia, there is good news in Tiny Town!!!

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