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Barn Cats Homeless After Dubois Road Fire Destroys Shelter

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 HOMELESS: A family of barn cats check out the scene of destruction in search of food. Their home, an enormous storage barn on Dubois Road, was completely destroyed by fire earlier this week.  Note the extent of scorched land. See story below.



TINY TOWN SATELLITE OF ULYSSES, USA –– An afternoon fire that destroyed a huge storage barn on Dubois Road July 13 left a family of at least eight cats homeless. The fire comple

tely razed the structure and while no cat deaths were reported and it is a huge loss for the owner, this means hardship for our feline friends. 

Since the conflagration, it appears someone has been leaving food out for the cats as evidenced by several cans of Little Friskies and some dry food scattered on a cement slab (see picture left). TInytowntimes.com rescue unit investigated the scene and concluded that the cats were still healthy. A stand of brush and trees that runs between the road and the barn affords some shelter for the animals. A skunk was sighted (see www.Flickr.com/photos/Frankie14850/ for a complete photo tour, including skunk).


Firefighters reported the flames were fanned by strong  gusts of wind and the barn, which was at least 50 yards long, was a total loss by the time they got there. A view of equipment exposed to the flames will give the reader some idea of the heat generated by the blaze. The sheltering tree stand, surrounding grass and even some rows of corn about 100 feet away were scorched.

The barn cats are, as all barn cats should be, leery of humans. We can only hope that a new barn is built soon on the s

ite as winters are long and hard for country critters. ––

Franklin Crawford  

 ←TOTAL LOSS: A 16-wheel tractor in ruins at the site of the July 13 bar fire on Dubois Road. Below: A cat grabs a bite left by a generous person. At least eight cats were counted at the scene of destruction. 

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