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Otherwise Normal Person Goes Native, gets Tattoo, is Thrilled

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aggie tat

aggie tat

TINY TOWN, USA –– A rose is a rose is a rose –– unless, that is, it happens to be your first-ever tattoo. Agnes "Aggie" Binger,  a highly sensible and responsible office manager from the tiny satellite of Freeville, joined the world of the pigmentationally-enhanced Friday evening, to rave reviews from family and friends.

Ms. Binger, better known for herding wayward office staff and balancing budgets, chose a single red rose, placed subtly on her right shoulder blade. "I've always loved roses,"  said Ms. Binger, who was accompanied by her husband, Bill.

The tat was sketched, inked and applied by artist Scott, a tall and amiable fellow at Stiehl's on S. Cayuga St. The Tattooist approved of Ms. Binger's selection and later raved about her skin, which apparently accepts assault by needles and ink with exceptional grace. "I hope you come back for more," he told her.

Husband Bill, whose body is a tattoo-free zone, declined comment.

Ms. Binger reported that the process induced burning and pricking sensations, but overall was "not too bad" she said, "I'm glad I just got a small one."

The evening ended on the upbeat. "I really like it," she said.

–– Photos and text by L.D. Zini, TTT.com correspondent



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