Tiny Town's First "Freethinkers" AA Meeting Walks the Talk

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Editor's Note: For a time back in the latter part of the 20th Century, Tiny Town had a Rational Recovery group; they were a mix of drunks and druggies who found most 12-step programs far too saturated with supernatural references. They were a good if hardbitten crew and they looked after one another best they could; I helped a friend one night he was slip-sliding away and got a sock on the jaw for the effort. It was a good punch, but he was a featherweight and it only made the nub of my chin sore for a couple days.

He is sober today!

That group eventually folded -- space was getting hard to find and members tended to move on.

There's a new kind of recovery group animal in town now and it's a good herd. The group takes the term "freethinker" to be all-inclusive: Anyone who is G-d-conscious is more than welcome to attend. Atheist ranters, too, only the group prefers to maintain a certain level of civility. There are no readings, or introductions with the exception of the text below.

Folks in recovery who think such a group is limited only to G-d-bashing Darwinists, cynics and devil-worshippers, might well consider dropping-in on this amiable bunch of folks whose main purpose is to stay sober by sharing their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problems. Alcoholics and substance abusers welcome. However, this is not Weight Watchers or Emotions Anonymous or any of the many 12-step offshoots.

The group is designed on the principles in the AA preamble. The flier that follows this note should give you the gist of it. And, happy birthday, Cayuga Freethinkers: They are one month old and can be found in the guide to AA meetings in the area.

WHEN: Thursdays, 8 p.m.

WHERE: Unitarian Parish House sublevel, 306 N. Aurora Street  -- found in the alley between the Church and the Parish House, door on the right. No smoking on the premises. BYOC ... Water is potable and available. Anyone with a desire to stop drinking and using is welcome.




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