Demo Memo: American Shoppers Go the Extra Mile for Their Piggy Wiggly

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MISS DAISY SHOPS AT WA-WA-WA-Walmart ... Photo credit: Frankie14850


When comes to grocery shopping in America, Occum's Razor is disposable.

According to the USDA's Economic Research Service, Americans will go out of their way to get to their favorite supermarket. How far?

On average the distance between home and the closest supermarket in about 2.14 in the United States. However, savvy shoppers travel almost four miles to get to their favorite food haven, be it Whole Foods or Piggly Wiggly.

Most drive their own vehicle to get there (88), but a goodly 7 percent will risk a fender bender in the parking lot in a borrowed car. Another 6 percent actually walk or shuttle their freight via mass transit.

Food shoppers are split between super centers (such as Walmart) and supermarkets as their primary grocery store. Forty-four percent use super centers, 45 percent use supermarkets, and the remainder use other types of stores. According to Consumer Reports, Walmart shoppers love hating their go-to grocery. 

Source: USDA Economic Research Service, Where Do Americans Usually Shop for Food and How Do They Travel to Get There? Initial Findings from the National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey

We Were Only Following Orders ... Aldis is a popular low-cost place to shop and the customer service outranks that of Wal-Mart because the Germans are efficient and if you don't like your job, there's the sliding glass doors, auf wiedersehen!

From Demo Memo by Cheryl Russell

Russell is a demographer and the editorial director of New Strategist Publications. She is the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine (then located in Ithaca) and The Boomer Report. She is the author of Bet You Didn't Know and other books on demographic trends. She holds a master's degree in sociology/demography from Cornell University.

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