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St. HermanTINY TOWN, N.Y. –– This is Herman and he's selling ice cold sodas and water and spreading the gospel according to his higher power, which the God posse believes to be Jesus. Herman charges $.75 for per soda -- which beats the prices in most convenient stores in the neighborhood. Here he's pictured hawking his wares outside the Department of Social Services on W. State St., which was recently renamed Martin Luther King, Jr. St. (soon to come: Geronimo Hill St., Mahatma Ghandi Blvd. and Karl Marx Ave.). Herman is originally from Baltimore but says he's been Upstate for a while -- New York, that is. He has a fine singing voice and seems well tolerated by the clientele at DSS. He did not have a street vendor's license and asked if he's been hassled by authorities Herman said, "No, they know I'm doing a good thing and helping the local kids who like to help me sell sodas." Among Herman's other talents: "I can bake," he says. And sure enough wouldn't you know, our team spotted him on the corner of W. Seneca and N. Plain Streets selling beverages and baked goods. 

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