Dragon Boat People Turned Away from Cayuga Shore

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TINY TOWN, USA –– The US Coast Guard responded to a siting of refugee Dragon Boat-people who attempted to land on the west shore of Cayuga Lake on July 15. The 17 passengers aboard appeared to be in good health and to have ample supplies of water. However, a drummer who usually sits at the helm of these refugee boats and helps the rowers keep time was missing and may have been eaten. 

Authorities say the dragon boat people, mostly Caucasian, are desperate to escape from their regular lives and start over again just about anywhere within the Cayuga Lake Basin. They show up in the summer, said authorities, and may make passage through the extensive lock system along the Erie Canal.

Passengers are forced to row themselves and are driven by a despotic helmsman, who is often in the employ of a local business sponsor. It is not clear if the dragon boat people are forced into the uncomfortable vessels or if they pay for the experience.

The craft, based on a medieval Chinese design, are unsafe in anything but the smoothest waters, and while no deaths have been reported, the lake is deep and a mile wide, so go figure.

The boat was turned away at the shore and passengers were told to go back home where they came from. 

–– Franklin Crawford 

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