A Downtown Stroll and Bow Hunting with Mom

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TINY TOWN, USA –– From the top right: Stop by Lou's and score a hot dog. Come along, take a stroll through Tiny Town's Boulevard d'Asylum ... Above you see the Sky Pirates, a flock of pigeons that have been trained to perform areial acrobatics -- they can fly in circles and land with elan atop the newly refurbished State Theater; business is brisk inside Evolution 102 where every day is freak day for teens; a trio of young fiddlers from Chi-town show off their skills and take money from the easily impressed -- these kids were pretty much in tune for most of their show and probably made our Suzuki spawn re-consider air guitar; the no-visible-means-of-support Go club met for a round of Confucian cooperative engagement; and, ruminant-loving citizens sought support to end plans for culling the deer herd in Cayuga Heights. Tinytowntimes.com hunting columnist Rocky T., is offering his services as guide for a day of Bow Hunting With Mom in the Heights. The mayor of Cayuga Hgts. has offered his second story bedroom window as a deer stand for bow hunters who bring their mothers for the kill. Bag as many as you'd like and try some of Rocky's fresh venison sausages when you get a chance. Deeee-lishus. 

–– C. Penbroke Handy


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