Reader not happy with a lot of things about this publication

Saturday, 18 July 2009 11:13 administrator


I am not going to read your leftist, rightist, anti-Cornell, pro-communist, anti-Grassroots, anti-Walter Cronkite, pro-Lake Source Cooling, anti-Michael Jackson, anti-Inlet sludge,  proletariat drivel. All you do is feature pictures of that guy in the halter-top and hot pants.  Why would a guy wear a halter top and hot pants?  Why, to get his sorry-butt pictured in Tiny Town Times. Why dont you feature articles about the opinions of the teenagers on the Commons.  They have opinions, too. And judging by the amount of babies those clove-smokin' teenagers have, they have active libidos. Tell 'em to buy some rubbers. Fewer clove cigarettes and more rubbers!

Heinrich Zussman

Town of Ithaca

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