Wayward Wind: the Weathercock and Olive Report on Climate, Seasons, and all things Weather or Not

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Olive Portrait Eye 
         Davey Weathercock and Olive the Weather hen  invited the roosters Lefty and Big Dot into the house for a Saturday morning,  Dog's Plot, town-hoot ,  during which  Davy took the opportunity  to tell just how  he got so weathered that he's is qualified to go on and on about everything from snow faeries to climate control. Our tiny readership demands to know.
       But  we at tiny town times, are not so worried about expertese, or in how it is correctly spelled, as we are worried Davey could very well bore  you with too much technical blah blah.
   We do in fact contemplate, consider, and are thinking about possibly  running a   technical feature  which would be hosted, not by D. Weathercock, but by the Dali Lama,  the well known techno-geek, who has a jolly, life-long fascination with the telescope, the television,   vibratory teleportation, the weather, telepathic computer hacking, Ping Pong and so on.
     Feelers are out on that...but this here    Weathercock and Olive report is more of a homey type thing.

   For instance, Davey would  NOT  say that  a man's home is  his castle.  You can't depend on a moat and a wall, to keep out the various branches of government,  or the drone-enabled militias who have destroyed them.     At the most, and at best,  one's home is  (to use just one  technical term here)  ones  micro-climate.

    So Davey simply closes the window in the winter....and he  made a hoop tent over a grave-sized plot outside...hoping  to create the climate for   an early salad garden.
    And  then the wind blew the  damn plastic off.   So he dealt with it.,  O.K.? Dim lights Embed Embed this video on your site


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